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Have a couple of questions before you sign up and book - you might find your answers here. If you still need some clearing up, please reach out.

  • How old does my child need to be to join?
    We welcome children between the ages of 5 and 16. Our classes are organised by splitting out certain ages into groups. This allows player to mix with children of similar age and level.
  • My child is a beginner, what class should I book them in?
    If your child is new to soccer, our weekend group sessions in Leeming, Baldivis, and Kingsway are perfect for beginners. Our coaches will guide and support your child through each step of their soccer journey. You can find out more about our classes here.
  • My child has been playing for a club team for a few years, what class will be most beneficial for them?
    If your child aspires to improve and potentially play at NPL level and or professionally, our advanced academy sessions for ages 7-15 offer higher-level training. You can find out more about the class here.
  • How can I register my child to attend?
    As we provide casual bookings to allow flexibility, parents who wish to book for a weekend session, will need to confirm their attendance via the booking portal specific to the location they're interested. You can book into a class here. If you're planning to attend weekly, we recommend to set up a reoccurring booking, so your spot so booked in advanced. For parent's who wish to enrol their child into the advanced academy, you can register for your child here
  • How can I book into a class?
    Booking your child's spot is easy and convenient. Simply visit Link to Book a Class. We offer both online payment and a pay-later option for cash payments on the day. If you plan to attend weekly, we recommend to set up a reoccurring booking, so you can book the dates in one go. 24 hours before the class, a SMS and email reminder will be sent. If all of a sudden you're unable to attend, you can either cancel or re-schedule via the email reminder.
  • Do you offer a fixed-term program?
    We don't have fixed-term programs, as we want to provide flexibility if you're unable to make it for the week. You can book sessions as you go, providing flexibility for parents and players.
  • Are there registration fees to join?
    No, we don't charge any registration fees to join.
  • What happens if I paid for the session and can't make it?
    If you've paid for a session but can't attend, we can reschedule your booking for an alternative date, however must be used within the month.
  • Do players get to play a match with any teams?
    Currently, we have small friendly non-competitive games within training sessions. We're working on arranging matches with other teams and academies for the near future.
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