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Thank you for expressing interest in our first 6-a-side summer tournament. For a successful competition, we need your support to ensure that the games are not only competitive but also run in great spirit, with sportsmanship behaviour among the players, teams, managers, and supporters.

The Proper Player 6 A-side Summer League Rules:

  1. Only registered players are allowed to play, if nonregistered players are found to be playing, point deductions and other penalties may apply.

  2. Each team must field a team of 6 players (5 outfield players and 1 goalkeeper)

  3. Teams can have up to 10 players in their squad, this will include substitutions.

  4. All players of a team must wear the same-coloured shirt (Numbers on the back of shirt is not compulsory). Long socks, and shin pads must be worn. If there's a colour clash, one team will need to wear bibs. Teams will be required to have their kit sorted by week 5 of the league.

  5. Soccer boots or enclosed running shoes are to be worn only. No open footwear or bare feet is allowed for the player.

  6. Teams are allowed to borrow players if they are short but cannot borrow players from an age group above. They are able to borrow players from the same age group or below. 
    If you borrow players, please keep the total number of players to 7, to allow original team to play. 

Match Duration:

  • Matches consist of two halves, each lasting 18 minutes.

  • There is a 1-minute halftime break.

  • No added time for stoppages.

Field and Ball:

  • The goal sizes are approximately 3m x 2m.

  • Ball sizes: U8 - Size 3, U10 - Size 4, U12 and above - Size 5.

Start and Restart of Play:

  • Coin toss or rock-paper-scissor: to decide initial possession.

  • Kick-offs are indirect.

  • Cones will be used for field markings; it is at the discretion of the referee to call if the ball is out, and the referee's decision is final.

  • Players must run and retrieve the ball when kicked out of play; no additional time is added for ball retrieval.

  • "Ball is to be placed as close as possible to where it went out and be kicked in. Players must be at least 3m away when a kick-in is happening. A direct goal from a kick, goalkeeper throw-in, is not allowed. Ball must be touched."

  • No sliding tackles allowed. If conducted a direct free kick will take place from the slide tackle.


  • A goal is scored when the entire ball enters the goal or if the referee deems it a goal.

  • After a goal, a restart takes place in the middle by the opposing team.

  • Cannot score directly from a restart or directly from a kick in 

  • No offside rule is applied.

Fouls and Misconduct:

  • Free kicks are all direct.

  • Opponents must be at least 3m away from the ball.

  • Penalty kicks are taken from the edge of the goal arc or 5m away.

Goalkeeper Restrictions:

  • The goalkeeper cannot handle the ball if it is passed back by a teammate. An indirect free kick is awarded if the goalkeeper touches the ball with their hands after it has been deliberately kicked to them by a teammate.

  • Goalkeepers have 6 seconds to release the ball.

  • Each team must have a Gk and can be changed during the game, but this needs to be communicated to the referee before change takes place, or during the half time break.

Kick ins/Throw-ins:

  • Players must kick the ball in from the side and ball needs to remain stationary. GK must throw the ball in from a "goal kick."

  • If the ball goes out of play, players need to run and get the ball. The match time will not stop. If there is un-sportsman like behaviour, such as "booting" the ball far out of play or deliberate time wasting as deemed by the referee, the appropriate disciplinary action, including cards will be used. 

Back Pass Rule:

  • The goalkeeper cannot pick up a back pass from a teammate.


  • Substitutions can be made during gameplay.

  • The player being substituted must leave the field before the substitute can enter, and substitutions must occur at the designated substitution zone.


  • One central referee officiates the game.

  • Alternative arrangements in absence of an official referee.

  • Referee authority to abandon matches in case of mass displays of disrepute and unacceptable behaviour.


  • Yellow and red card rules apply as in standard football.

  • Players, team managers and spectators must not demonstrate inappropriate or aggressive behavior towards, other players, coaches, spectators and referees. If you are deemed to be displaying this negative behaviour, you may be asked to leave the field and a subsequent ban implemented. 

Tournament Structure:

  • 10 league games and 1 week of finals.

  • Games will run every Monday (including public holidays) from the 15th of January to the 18th of March. A Grand Final round will be played on the 25th of March. Top two teams play off to determine winners.

  • Finals playoff structure to be announced during the season.

  • A minimum of 4 players must be fielded on a team; otherwise, a forfeit will happen.

  • If your age group has an odd number of teams, bye rounds will be applicable.

  • Matches may be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. 

  • Teams are allowed to borrow other players from the same age group only to help make up the minimum number of players for that team. If your team is borrowing players keep it to 7.

  • Nobody is allowed to consume alcohol at the grounds (spectator or otherwise).

  • No spectators are allowed to enter the playing field unless given permission by the referee if aiding an injured player.

  • There will be male and female players in the league.

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